Friday, February 5, 2016

He Want,s Me To Abort Again!!!!!!!

Dear Marital Ties subs,

Please i need your advice on this issue...I have known my fiancée for almost 2years now. I am 25 and he is 33. He has been good to me and always wants me around him. I have been pregnant twice for him but because he said he doesn't want to have kids outside marriage, i got rid of it. So this january(last month), i missed my period and he is not so happy about it. Saying he wants to come and perform the marital right on me by Easter but don't want me to be pregnant before then.

I have tried to convince him that easter is in March and by then the pregnancy won't be obvious, but he doesn't seem to like the idea, saying he wants me to come into the family clean though he is not forcing me to do it. I'm so confused now, i'm just 2weeks..

...gone & i also don't want it to seem as if am forcing this on him.
Do u guys think he really want to marry me?. Cos if he does, he wont want me to have an abortion!, Right???

Please, i need matured advice.


Final Post!

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