Saturday, February 13, 2016

Help Please! I Suspect My Husband is Having S*x with His Step-sister Living in Our House

Dear Marital ties, subs

Please something borders me a whole lot, my husbands step sister stays with us in the same house. I have three children before she came to abuja to live with us. But my worry is the way she barges in on us sometimes, my husband seem ok with it, but am not. I came back one afternoon and met her on my
husbands boxers, with my husband lying down on the sofa cleaning sweat from his body, where the air conditioner is on, everywhere is cold, I was like why are you sweating like this, he said he has been on a massager. I now playfully asked his sister, so your brothers boxers is now the best for you, she laughed and said aunty from today is now her own. I hate to interfere in family matters so that I wouldn’t love to be labeled a bad person

Last month, I was doing my guest room clean up, raising the bed cushions, I saw a bra hand which wasn’t mine and two open packets of condoms (used ones). For the past two months we have not had guest, so I begin to wonder, because the condoms were newly opened. I packed it away and since then, my mind has not been at rest. And another thing I have noticed is that whenever my husband is on top of me, he seems to be lost, thinking of something, by the time I am calling back his attention, my appetite has gone. And sometimes the day he will lose himself, he will f**k me like a prostitute and push me away, I have asked him what is his problem, he said nothing.
Last week Saturday, every body was at home, he asked me can’t I go shopping today, I said no, that it will be next week, he asked me to leave the children and come meet him upstairs, I told him that am coming, that am teaching my daughter mathematics, that let me finish the one am doing, before I could understand what’s happening, he pulled me up, dragged me to the room, pulled my pants down and before I could under him, he inserted his p***s, and even bruised me as well. I don’t know what is going on with him.
Is there something he is not telling me, I don’t have a house help because my children are 14 , 15, 12. So my only daughter who is the most senior can clean the house and sometimes cook as well. This my husbands step sister was 16 when I married her brother. She is 31 years now. My husband is 50 years old. Am 43years now.


  1. Sis just pray to God, cos u r wrestln against principalities and powers. U can also fast as well Isaiah 58:5-9. U v a spiritual authority u can trust, pls open up to him or her. God help you.


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