Monday, February 22, 2016

He's Deceiving My Sister And I Deceived His Sister Too In Return

My friend is dating my sister behind my back secretly and the little money I give to her to support her,he still manages to deceive her and collect a good part of it from her and he'll still fvck her again and I'm very sure of that.

Now I met his younger sister on the road and she asked me if I had a small spare phone that I can give to her for her to manage for the main time, and yes I do have another phone, it's a torch 2 I stopped using on december 24th when I bought the bold 5 I'm using now and I made her understand that I have one but it's not a small phone, so I took her home and showed her but I explained to her that
I'll get her a phone or even give her the torch 2 because I've not used it since last year and it's still in perfect condition,
So as we spoke I just remembered the time her brother made my sister lie and 
collect money from me so he can fix his 
samsung galaxy screen and afterwards 
wrote on his whatsapp status "thank you 
bae for the cash gift u're one in a million", 
there and then I knew it was my time to 
shine too on his sister

So right there in my room,I began to tell her that I like her very much and I'm capable of taking care of her of which she knows, then I started lying to her that she's the reason why I'm still close to her brother cos I hope to get her to date me through her brother and so many other lies I told her of which I can't remember, after that I told her to be free wth me and act like a big gal and everything will be fine.

Then I held her hands and drew her close to me and she did not resist me and I slept with her, but I don't feel like given her the 
Phone cos I told her to come back in the 
evening to get it after she has done her 
welcome back sim card.

Should I just give her the phone since I have achieved my aim, or just bone up!

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