Tuesday, February 9, 2016

His mother said our star can,t work together..

Good evening please I will like to remain anonymous,can you help me put my story on your blog for advice,have been dating this guy for a while now we are so close that we do talk everyday,for like 3days he stop picking my calls which is very unusual. 

I tried my possible best to see him and ask him why he stop picking my calls he said all is well but he just want to be left alone that is over,I ask him what is my offense he said nothing that his just fed up,after much plead and cry he open up to me that his mum said our star can,t work together I was dumbfounded and I left since then we haven't see or talk I just don't know how to get him off my mind cause we are just too close like siblings and this is a guy I get to see everyday cause we live close to each other please.

what can I do ?

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