Monday, February 22, 2016

How Do I Tell My Religiously Strict Mother That I Am Pregnant?

Hi Marital Ties subs, 

Would really appreciate your advice. Please try to be kind. I am extremely nervous and stressed out :-(. I'm a 29 years old female and my boyfriend is 33 years old. We are both working/ have decent jobs. 

Some months ago, I started a relationship with a guy whom I had been friends with for a year. He's everything I've prayed for- gentle, kind, loving, committed and generous. We started the relationship and he quickly made it clear that he wanted to marry me. 

He has met with my mum and I've also met his parents and they have both approved us getting married. Our parents are however yet to meet and the plan was for them to do so very soon so we can commence wedding preparations. He's already ordered the ring but it's in Dubai and he can't get it until may.

He's supposed to see my mum this week in order to formally ask her permission to marry me. He's already informed her of his intention to marry me but now wants to formally seek her permission in line with Yoruba tradition. 

However, yesterday I found out that I'm pregnant for him. He's very supportive and although naturally a bit scared he's happy and wants us to marry by June latest before I start showing. 

We've agreed to inform out parents this week ( after he formally seeks my hand in marriage from my mother ) and thereafter commence preparations for our wedding in June. Right now, I'm just so terrified about how to tell my mum. She's a very strict christian in Mountain of Fire. She loves me but is deeply religious. She was pregnant for my dad before they got married but she's now a very strong christian so frowns on premarital sex. 

I'm so terrified as I don't want to disappoint her. My boyfriend wants to marry me by June, no doubt about that and is being be supportive. He has offered to even go with me to tell my mum. 

In a nutshell, I'm wondering how to go about telling my mum? Will she forgive me? Should we tel his parents first or tell my mum first ? Thanks a lot for reading.

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