Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I am afraid he is getting the statisfaction elsewhere isnt,s he a man.

Please, i'm in a relationship for 7 months and I and my boyfriend loves each other very much. We've met each others family and all that. The problem is i'm still a virgin. I'm 27 years and he's 30. My boyfriend found out the first timehe tried p*netrating and it was really hard so he didn't go further, though I told him before about it.

Since then, my boyfriend refused to p*netrate, all we do is the romance and all that without s*x. When I asked him he said he doesn't wanna take the only thing I have, that it's my pride. But I told him even though i'm a virgin it takes seconds to break and I want him to be the first. He refused, that we should wait. I told him I really wanna break it.
That I would go and meet someone else to break it since he doesn't want to, then we will continue our relationship (I said it jokingly). He said then we would discontinue what we have, he would break-up with me if I try it. I asked him what if I wasn't a virgin won't we be having s*x, he said "Yes". I'm bothered because what if he's getting satisfaction somewhere els

Isn't he a man? We ain't made of wood you know. I want him to do it but he simply refused. We would soon be settling down soon though. I'm just worried, I heard s*x is the spice of a relationship.

Advise Please.


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  1. Go with flow.. you are almost there so what's the rush?you guys will settle down soonest my advice wait n let it be taken on ur matrimonial bed


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