Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I am not ready to commit myself fully!!!

I've this particular lady nikky we've been together for some years now. But the feeling is not just there and sometimes my instinct tells me she as the wife material quality and I don't wanna be a victim of not loving my woman when I get married. She has told me several times that her mum  and sister wants to see me but have been avoiding them because i don't want to commit myself fully yet.

My parents are also on my neck that at least I should bring one person home, and when I didn't take them seriously my mum tired to introduce a lady shola to me but my reasoning is far different from her own in terms of manner,respect e.t.c but I want to and take nikky to them at least that wil wave there thought cus am very sure I can't cope with shola if I pleased them by marrying her. And nikky close pal is trying to let me know that I can still have feeling for her if we get married. Just need a reasonable advise and no insult. Should I go and see the parent or stay back.

The End.

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