Monday, February 22, 2016

I Am A Pervert. I Need Help With My Sex And Porn Addiction.

Good evening to everybody. Yes i had to create a new account as this is not something anybody will be proud of. I need advice. Matured audience please.

For the past decade, my life has been controlled by sex and porn. It all started when i was in my teenage age. I had this desire to see what happens when humans mate. That,s how it started until i fell in love with seeing under the shirts and skirts of women. I got so addicted that even in school (Secondary school then) i used to sneak into the female toilet to see females pee. I fell so much in love with porn since then. 

Years passed and i continued. My Phone, My computer, my web archives and drives all filled with Porn. As i write this, i am currently subscribed to over 15 porn sites in which i pay monthly to an average tune of $120/month.

It got to a point that i got tired of watching porn then i decided to have real sex. I went from brothel to brothel, had so many friends with benefits. I had so much sex over the years that in Lagos where i live and work, to the best of my memory, i have met with about 50 women or so in total including Friends, Girlfriends, Prostitutes and so on. I did not stop there. Even when i went to Ibadan for a training, i met with about 8 women in just 3 weeks of my stay in Ibadan. Even in Niger state where i did my youth service, i slept with about 5 female corps members and about 12 sex workers in a span of 9 months.

Please i need help in getting out of this. I cannot control my perversion. When i see women i imagine them unclad. 45% of my salary goes to prostitutes in clubs and brothels. I have no wife yet. I cannot marry in such a mess. I am thinking of settling down with a wife but how would i do that with this addiction of mine? 
And its so bad that my street where i live, there are about 3 brothels and 2 clubs so it was just overwhelming and i could not control my urges. At the slightest pinch i cross the road to the nearest one just beside my house. Day after day, week after week and counting. Even my office is no exception as just last Friday, i had sex with my secretary. How long would i continue to live like this? 

Please what can i do to end this so i can settle down?

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