Friday, February 26, 2016

I Am Sexually Starved!!!!!!!!

Am married and my marriage is two months old. during courtship, i observed that my husband then my fiancee comes quickly during love making which i talked to him about and his reply was "is because he doesn't do it often" (then,we are in long distance relationship),that when we come together, i will be the one to run away  from it.

now, we are married my husband can not last more than A MINUTE, even d 60 secs is too long
for him, and nothing like 2nd round, in fact, that's all for the day, he doesn't care how i feel after that. i have never come since i started having sex with him and what annoys me most is he believes that he is 100% alright and natural and that if an not satisfied with that he can get me a sex toll... this issue is really eating me up just two month old marriage, when will it end.I don't know  what to do..please i need your candid advise and matured one.

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