Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I Caught My Best Friend And Best Man With My Wife Two Weeks To Our Wedding.

I walked into the room and met my best man making love to my wife

I met Charles on campus. I was in my first year in the university. I had just resumed and was trying to grapple with the demand of university life. One morning I had gone to the cafeteria. While paying for my food, I ran into a young handsome looking guy and we ended striking an acquaintance.
I later found out that we are both in the same department. From then we became friends. In the second year, we ended up being roommates. Our friendship grew from there. We were like brothers. We helped one another in our studies. We looked out for one another. In fact many people on campus thought we were brothers. 
Charles was a great guy. He was handsome tall and good looking. In fact in our third year on campus, he entered the Mr. Campus contest and won.
That made him become very popular. He was especially popular with the girls. They loved.
In fact the attention was so much at a time that he lost focus and his grades suffered.
There were just too many babes jostling for his attention. In our fourth year, Charles had become very used to the attention that it meant nothing to him again. Our association blossomed.
As his fame grew, I became his manager when he attended shows. He also worked as the Master of Ceremony at school events. I was the calmer guy. I made sure I kept my head so I could put my best friend in check. At last we graduated and our parents, who had become friends because of our association, came to celebrate with us. When we left school, we continued our friendship.
We got jobs in two blue chip companies. We also continue to date our campus sweet hearts. Charles and I met our future partners at a departmental event on campus in our second year in the university.
They were both in another department. But we had continued the relationship even when Charles derailed and become way ward. I convinced his girlfriend not to give up on him. Eventually we all graduated and our relationship continued. After about two years of working I proposed to my fiancee. I did not want to waste any more time. But something bad happened to Charles relationship with Adaeze, She had caught him again cheating and had decided to call it quits despite all my pleading. Charles was left to spend more time in my place as he complained of boredom. Adaeze doesn’t come to keep him company again. She had left the relationship for good. I was sorry for my friend. But how many times will I keep interceding on his behalf? Charles now practically was living with me. He also became close to my woman. Gradually I discovered they were both unusually close. When I am at work, they will call me they went out together as Charles had been on leave from work. I noticed their relationship became closer.
But I still thought nothing of it. Many times, I my wife to be will stay glued to her phone chatting. I never thought nothing of it as she could be chatting with her sister s and friends. As the days turned into months, we began the planning for my wedding. Naturally, Charles became the choice for my best man. I had pacified my brother who returned from the United States that I and Charles had gone way back since our campus days. The day of the wedding was set. I was also so busy that I did not notice the change in my fianceé body language. Every time I asked for romance, she was always reluctant and unresponsive. I had thought then that she was reserving her body until we get married. One day, instead of calling my name, she mentioned Charles. Well, I did not get angry because I and Charles are like blood brothers.
About two weeks to our wedding, I had gone to the office to retrieve my computer as I had been granted leave to prepared for the weeding. Charles was home and busy with preparations as usual. I returned home an hour short of when I told my fiancée I would returned.
I parked the car outside our gate as someone had already taken my parking space. I walked the distance to the house. The entire place was silent. I called out but no one answered. I climbed the staircase, and as I made to enter my room, I heard an unusual noise from the guest room. I went to the door and listen.
The noise was a moan of pleasure from an excited lady whose voice sounded like my wife. Why they refused to lock the door is what I can still not decipher. But according to the saying, every day for the thief, one day for the owner.
I pushed open the door and met my best friend, my best man for my wedding on top of my wife. They were both Unclad as they made love furiously. I shouted Charles name and became unconscious. I later found myself in the hospital. My cheating wife was at my bed side but Charles was nowhere in to be found.
He had packed all his things and absconded. I cried profusely as I looked at my wife. When my parents and sisters came into the hospital, I could not reveal to them what brought me to the hospital. I only lied to them that I was stressed out because of the wedding preparations. When they asked for Charles, I could not give any sufficient explanation and I could not tell them that he had been sleeping with my wife to be behind me. I was discharged from the hospital and I am back home.
My fiancée has gone back to her parents place and Charles is still missing. I was later told by his brother that he had travelled finally to Canada and had apologise for the short notice. I know Charles had escaped being confronted with his guilt. But I know he can run but not hide. My fiancée has been pleading that it was the devils work. She said she did not know the charm Charles used for her.
She has refused to tell me how long Charles has been sleeping with her though she swore the time I caught them was the first. How do I believe her? The wedding in two in two weeks and I still do not know what to do. Do I tell my family and cancel the wedding or should I forgive my wife to be.
This is the dilemma I have found myself. I love my wife to be but how can I live with the thought of seeing my best friend Unclad on top of my wife? Should I cancel the marriage and look for another woman or should I accept her apology?
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  1. First are u already confused dat d lady is ur God sent wife,if yes,acept her apology and go on with d marriage,as I bliv wit prayer such a thing won't repeat itself.but if u no dat diz lady is not ur sent wife(meaning if u guys are not meant to b together)best tin,just cancel d wedding now now,remember a broken relationship is better Dan a broken marriage, put urself together,luk up to God,i bliv u wil b alrite with time,

  2. If u can't get the picture off ur mind and 4give her, u know what to do deep down; but then I will help u, quit the relationship. It's better than hating urself for marrying her bcos of pleasing others. Takia o'u

  3. It's obvious dey ve been Vin an affair but u can decide ur future now. Are you sure u can live with and forget d picture?if u can,go ahead, if u can't quit d relsnp. forgive her or live miserably. Marriage is a lifetime of commitment.tak kia


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