Monday, February 29, 2016

I Got To Know After That They Where Both Cousins

I met my boyfriend 3 years ago,i was in 400l then..we split up after 3 months cos i had insecurity issues.. in 2014 i went for my NYSC &  met this guy in camp we were pretty close for a while and after camp we met up & something happened between us..that night it happened that  i went to PH with him for a wedding of a friend of ours...

we met in camp & we hanged out with his friends but i wasn't in the mood for gist so he took it personally and almost killed me when we got back to his friends place..after which he did what he did & it wasn't consensual..i broke off every ties with him after i found out he was my ex boyfriends cousin & he was married..

how can men be so wicked he didn't even let me know he was cut the long story short..2016 my ex start begging to come back but i don't know what to do i tell him what as happened between me & his cousin without hurting him & breaking off the relationship..i don't want to go back to him cos of the issue with his cousin but at the same time i am tempted to..

please help

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