Saturday, February 13, 2016

I Have not seen my husband in 3 years

I married my husband 4 year ago, a year after our wedding we had beautiful baby, after some months he suggested he was going abroad for a greener pastures‎ for his family. Immediately he left, he change seriously, he promised to be coming home every 3 month, but it's going to 3 years now, I have not seen him, no support financially, spiritually, physically and emotionally for I and our baby.

Some month after his traveling, I found out from his document at home, that a woman invited him abroad, that was why he has never ask us to come over to visit him. He has promised to come home more than 6 times now, but gives different excuses for not coming. I was retrenched from my job last year, up till now my husband as not ask me how I am feeding or coping as there is no more communication between us again.  I will be approaching my late thirty soon and I still want to have more babies.
Should I wait for him or walk away?
I need a polite and sincere response.
The End.


  1. normally...I don't do this...but u seriously need to walk away...I mean...according to you,you don't have a job anymore and he doesn't even care? Please walk away.

  2. You need to try all means to talk to him for the last time. You might get some facts in the conversation, and if its still the same old story, pls walk away and get another man

  3. Same with d second comment! God bless


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