Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Have Two Ladies in my Life,Both Ladies Helped Me

My name is Louis. I am 28 years old. I just graduated from the university. I have two ladies in my life and both of them helped see me through school for I grew up in a poor home with my mum working hand to mouth to feed me and my younger brother and sister.

I saw education as a way of growing out of poverty but I didn’t have enough to further my education after secondary school, so I started working as a cleaner in an office. There I raised money to get a one room apartment where I reside. There, I met a lady two years older than me who own an hair dressing saloon. We started dating.
I told her my dreams and she helped me get admission in into the university paying my tuition. At the university, I met a girl two years younger whom I fell in love with. She got pregnant for me and we kept the baby
My problem now that I have graduated is, I want to start life with the one I met at the university but don’t know how to tell the one that helped me gain admission and paid my tuition.She was hoping I will marry her when I graduate. How do I tell her we won’t work? I can’t marry the both of them. Please help me.

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