Friday, February 12, 2016

I Love My Husband, what should i do?

Hi Marital Ties Subs,s

The thing is am married and I love my hubby so much but lately I've been noticing frequent calls of a particular girl on his phone in which I noticed that he doesn't pick when am rather he texts and deletes instantly, he silence his phone when am around or even switch it off completely. On one faithful day, my husband got home really tired and forgot to switch off his

phone as usual, while he was sleeping , his phone rang , as I tried to check , it was the same girl calling around 11pm. I picked up the call as she heard my voice she dropped immediately so I called her back and told her that I could help deliver her message but she asked me not to bother then I told her that if it is that she dating my hubby , she should stay out if she wants to get married and be happy in her home cos he is married and am his wife. I think she she told this to my hubby but I didn't mention anything to him. The following day, this same girl called again later in d evening , my hubby was in d room and d fone was beside me in d living room so I went to give it to him and waited for him to pick up but d dropped d call . He then asked me y I picked his call d previous day, I told him that he was asleep, he really said so may awful things to me that I insulted someone who was helping him to work on a contract which involves a lot of money and that he'll send me packing if he loses the money to the extent that he hit me and almost stabbed me if not that a boy leaving with us held him back. I knew he was lying about d contract because my hubby doesn't hide his biz associates from me, he was always willing to tell me about them. On that particular evening, he went as far as packing some of his clothes and threatened to leave the house that he needed a break but I wasn't moved rather I just stared at him, he stayed in d car for over an hour and came back inside pleading fervently...The thing is he still exchanges calls with this girl and they see too. On day , I was really mad with him and refused to talk to him or even act normal in d house which really got him crazy and he pleaded to know the reason for my actions, I asked him who that girl was and told me that she is a girl who asked him out but he told her that he'd rather be just like a brother to her still I don't believe that story because they still talk and see(i guess) but what kind of a brother sister relation will one carry on his head against his marriage.


This really kills my heart

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