Monday, February 15, 2016

I Stormed His Wedding & Made Him Cry After He Broke My Heart -

This Is How I Broke Him Down After He Broke My Heart

I met this young man when i was 21 and he was 24 we dated 4 years, we were both struggling, we stayed with each other and help each other to grow.

We grow to become successful and i became very influential in my field and he was so proud of that.

Last october we agreed to walk down the isle, we were planning where we are going to stay after the wedding, he stays somewhere in Lagos mainland while i stay in the island. He told me that he will be moving somewhere in Mowe in Ogun State where his father built a house about 2 years ago.

I told him that will not be a good idea, going from mowe to Victoria Island everyday will be terrible for me since we can afford a house in Lagos at least for now or we stay where he is staying currently, he maintained he cant change, we could not reach an agreement on that, the next thing i got a shocker, he traveled for event outside Lagos to the east, where he comes from, only to get attracted to a girl he met there and came boldly to tell me, if i cannot marry him and stay at mowe, there are so many good girls who will rush the offer and in annoyance i told him, have you found one please marry her.

To my surprise few days after i saw a photo of him and that girl he just met, less than two months all over social media, he has engaged her.

Initially i was pained, but let's face it he doesn't deserve my tears, his groups of friends started calling my line to ask when we stopped dating since we still stepped out recently to his friend birthday.

I didn,t know what to say i asked them to ask him, things went that way and i started hurting, after he did official intro to the girl i knew it was over, i called him and told him i wish him happiness and best of luck with his wife to be.

He felt bad but said he knew i was a good person that he is not shocked i called, i ask him to keep me updated on wedding plans and he did and i told him i will attend he said he will be grateful.

On the wedding day, during the reception i showed up, i had gone to get a very flattering dress, i even paid for make up, i looked so beautiful i couldn't believe myself too.

When i entered the room everybody went crazy, all his friends and associate knew me, some are even pained at what he did to me, i showed up all his friends rushed to greet me, it took over 30 minutes to cheek kiss all of them and hug a few, the few people who didn't know me was wondering who i was and why i am so be beautiful.

I went up to greet him, he almost fell down from where he was standing, i greeted his wife ( a village girl from akwa ibom lol - the way she pronounce the thanks for coming though )

I started catching fun and dancing crazy, my ex couldn't stand it anymore, he ask his wife to go inside the car only him came to greet his guys where i was seated, THEN BROKE DOWN IN TEARS

HE CRIED SO LOUD LIKE PEOPLE WERE SCARED, People will think that i will disappear from there scene since he was crying, i was still seated shaking body to the tune of music, he then told one of his friend, i don't know but i think i messed up - the guy was like you messed up big time, are you just realizing, then live with it the rest of your life, his wife rushed out of the car i guess he heard his prince charming was crying, he came and the moment she opened her mouth to ask daring what is it, guys had funny faces about to explode.

At that point he left and i continue hanging out with his friends before oping into my car to go home. He sent a touching sms yesterday.


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