Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I,am Loving Him, He is Loving Her

I'm a girl in my late 20s and I work as a revenue officer. I need your advice, my guy is a banker and he's always having different girls, but I was still the one,because i've seen their names ring bell. There is this girl that works in the same bank as him, but different branch. Her name has been changed to my love and she has been introduced to his mum.

Yet he still claims to have feelings left for me. I love him so much, that letting go of him hurts. I'm still in the relationship, but if i see him I get hurt, if I don't, i still feel hurt. He has taken all part of me, that I found myself looking over at the babe's pics on facebook and even have her number registered on my mind. At times I will save the number to see her...

DP on whatsapp.
It's not like am ugly, but i just found myself lost in the thought of not letting him go. Even if I know the feeling is divided and more is with her than me,i still make fool of myself, by believing in him.

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