Sunday, February 7, 2016

If You Were In My Shoes What Will You Do?

My heart is down and trying to cope. My wife seems to always have problems with my 16yrs old son most times when I am not at home. She complains he disrespect her although she not his biological mother and i had him years before i married but she's old enough to be his mum and she has been doing her little best for him.

But her complains sometimes can be overwhelming, especially odd times like when am at work or just got home without relaxing or when am eating. It's sometimes not been easy I tell you. I believe there are things she should be able to handle but women being whom they are.... Am sometimes like a man with two wives. My son's mum is late and can't send him elsewhere.

          Moreover, I want to train my son under my roof, I don't want him to lack fatherly mentorship, what I lacked as my dad didn't train me. I have advised him, counsel him, dealt with him, father him, firm with him,tough on him, instruct him. Don't get me wrong, he's never caused me any external problems.

      But I don't get it, that it's when am not home things go wrong between them. I love my home, tranquillity, harmony and peace, and
have had several meetings with both of them to
let them know need for peaceful home whether am there or not. But am seriously troubled.

 I love my wife and my son. If you were in my shoes what will you do? What goes wrong between them two when am not at home? Why the quarrels?

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