Thursday, February 18, 2016

Is He Naturally Stingy!!!!!

I'm a young lady of 24 years, currently serving, I met a man of 30 years like 10months ago, he's a very good man in most aspects. Recently, he's disturbing me to come meet his people and for him to meet mine too but I'm afraid because this man has never given me a dime before even though he works and earn cool salary. Even if he wants me to come and visit him because he works in Abuja while I'm serving in Lagos.

He will never talk about my transport fare and I don't ask because I don't know how to ask for money from anybody. My fear now is that will he be a responsible husband? Please how do I handle such a man? Will it be reasonable enough to walk out of such relationship? Do you think he's naturally stingy? I'm confused abt the future.

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