Sunday, February 21, 2016

Is it right for a girl to bring out money for wedding...

Hello subs,

Am Chinyere, am a native of Anambra State, I stay in Abuja, am a business woman. I tried as a young lady to build house for my parents in the village, and I have a car as well.

I met this guy, he is a graduate, but as for me I wasn't opportuned to go to school, but I finished my secondary school. We liked each other,we dated for like 6 months. And finally we did traditional marriage.

After that he left to Lagos where he stays, and I was in Abuja, I was waiting for our wedding date to be fixed. Anytime I visit him in Lagos. He don't normally  talk about our wedding.

One day, he called me that, he heard that I was the one that built house for my parents, that I should bring money for our wedding. I was shocked,wondering why he will say such a thing to a woman he wants to marry.

What should I do?

Should I bring my money out, or is it not the duty of a man to bring out money and marry a wife. Will my own be different.

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