Thursday, February 11, 2016

Is it wrong for a female to threaten to cheat.....

I am a 28 year old lady. In dec 2014,  my relationship to my boyfriend ended because I threatened to cheat on him after I found out with evidence that he cheated on me. He isn't that kind of guy to mess around, but somehow he did with his ex-girlfriend and I found out, I forgave him after he showed me he was sorry. Months later I found flirty messages on his phone & I threatened to cheat back, even though I didn't mean it.

He got uncomfortable with it & believed i'll cheat back and ended the relationship. Fast forward to now, after a year of my last relationship, am now dating someone hoping it leads to marriage, and am tempted to say the same thing to him. My question is, as lady it it wrong to tell...

...your man that you will cheat back if you catch him with evidence of him cheating on you, even though you don't mean it? If he doesn't plan cheating on you, should he be worried about the threat?

The End.

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