Monday, February 22, 2016

It was confirmed that my husband has low sperm count.

I've been married since Dec 2010. I have been waiting on God for a miracle child. We kept praying, I was not silent though, until last year, I took a medical step, did all sort of test and all were ok. My Gynecologist asked me to bring my husband, he reluctantly went after pleading with him, after he went he was confirmed to have a very low sperm count. He was given drugs but it didn't improve, I ovulate well but no signs of pregnancy is coming forth.

Friends and families eyes are on me, thinking am the issue. After talks with my genes, he told me he would consult his superiors (being diabolic). After then he said they told him
he might not be able to father a child or may take longer period which have heard...

...a time ago. He said the option for me is either to marry someone else or have a bastardized child from another man. I love my husband, he's a very faithful, truthful, supportive Christian and worker of God. He helped me in times of sorrow I can't displease God or make him sorrowful.
I would appreciate your candid advice.

The End.

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