Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lost My Virginity To Him…Yet He Just Can’t Stop Womanising.

I lost my virginity to my boyfriend, we were friends for a year before the relationship kicked off.
He is very caring, he doesn’t take any decision without me. Our parents got involved after our relationship was a year old. Six months ago, I noticed he had six other girls asides me. I challenged him and he said they were all friends with benefits.
We had a quarrel about it and he apologized and promised to stop, but recently a nurse was transferred to his office (he’s a Medical Doctor). I noticed they were getting too close for my liking, I called his attention to it and he said they were just friends and their was nothing to worry about. I guess the reason he takes decision with my consent is because i’m kind of gifted.
I sensed when things are about to happen right or wrong, even to the extent that when he sleeps with someone else I know. I don’t know how it happens it just happens. I went to his apartment and saw sets of female cosmetics. I asked him whose it was, he said they were his sister’s but she hardly comes to his place. I decided to show up at his place unannounced.

I met a lady but immediately she saw me she rushed out of the house. Recently, I started feeling like we were not going to make it to next year, I told him he asked us to pray about it together but has been unavailable. He shows lots of effort to keeping this relationship but i’m tired of this cheating habit. It’s the only “BUT” he has, but its a major one I don’t want to cope with it.
He is seeing the nurse now, that i’m sure. I’m sure he cuts contacts with other girls but he’s still with this nurse. I didn’t meet anybody he made it clear everyone came after me and that our relationship is the longest so far in his entire life. He keeps begging me not to opt out, i’m confused I don’t know what to do?. I’ve been crying to bed for the past 1 week and I have been praying too.Please, I find it difficult to trust him for what he has done before I find myself double checking every time he says something.

NOTE: My parents had me 20 years after their marriage, i’m their only child and they want me to get married as soon as possible.
I was once detected of early stages of breast cancer. He actually stood by me although the cancer stuff is no more, but my parents want us to get married.


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  1. hey babe, this is d rest of your life before you. you are still very young and have the rest of your beautiful life ahead of you... do not make life time mistakes. good you know as much as not wanting to cope(with consistent various unfaithfulness)...if u cant take d heat get out of d kitchen. also, your parents want you happy as much as they want you married, i am positive that if they hear this, they would stand by you thru a walk out. staying in this will only mean u will always be d main chic and there will always be a side chic. d Virginity lost is one of life's issues...there will always be a man who would appreciate you as long as you are worth it (first to yourself, then to him), a man who would see you as all encompassing and all he needs. stay strong, draw strength from God and STAY FAITHFUL IN YOUR WALK WITH CHRIST, HE LOVES YOU ALL THE WAY


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