Friday, February 26, 2016

Loving The Wrong Man!!!!

Hi Admin,
I am in total confusion, please help me. I am 28 years, living in Abuja at the moment. My mom introduced to me a man from South Africa (Nigerian) with hopes that we get married, we are many girls in our family and I am the first. I thought I loved this man but when he came to Nigeria this Christmas (second time we are meeting).

I realized am not in love with him, he isn't a graduate but that's not the problem. He adores me and worships the ground I walk on but I have no attraction whatsoever, no atom of physical attraction. He is Igbo and quite traditional (direct opposite to me, not so much of a problem too).

Help me this is a life decision, i'm not in love with this man but I love the way he loves me. I am in love with a foreigner that lives in Nigeria, Lebanese to be precise. He is based in port harcourt and visits me in Abuja as frequently as possible, he adores me and does all he can to make me happy, but when he gets to his home country I don't hear from him frequently. Unlike when he is in Nigeria, no matter how busy he communicates with me, same thing my friend is experiencing (she is dating an expatriate in Nigeria) but once he travels he
becomes mute, it makes me feel like am a fool
and he might have a family abroad. What do I do? The Nigerian guy came back with the intention of us getting engaged and doing traditional in Easter.
Now he is devastated bcus he is seeing -ve sign. He is planning on buying a car for me & renting an apartment for me while he tries to move back,... but I DONT LOVE him. What do I do? I trust God will never allow me make a mistake in marriage, but am so clouded with confusion, I can't think clearly, so I don't even know if I am hearing God clearly.

I know myself admin, I need to love someone to live with him, material things is not enough because I've outgrown that. I don't love the one that loves and worships me. I need to feel that love everyone talks about, I need to, as I know it's a driving force when other things fail.

Help me, please don't give me a short polite answer, dissect every area and let me hear your opinion, help me see clearly, tell me where am wrong family. PLEASE!


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