Monday, February 22, 2016

Married An Abuja Run,s Girl

I am still in shock, I just can't believe this is happening to me, after all I did for my wife.

I want to remain anonymous, I am not a saint, but am a very emotional guy, when I love a girl, I make sure I take good care of her. Am not making mouth, this is actually me.

I traveled to Abuja for a business trip, but before then, I had a heart break from my lovely
 relationship. She woke up one morning and broke up with me, just because her parents wants her to marry her family friend. It was not easy on my though, cus I truely loved Chioma, so so much, but there is nothing I can do than to move on.

When we went to Abuja for a business trip, as usual my friend was trying to organize girls, I told him am not intrested, we where in a bar, taking some drinks and two girls came in. They
sat with us, we exchanged pleasantries.

What came to my mind was that, why will such beautiful girls be sleeping with men for money, I decided not to do anything with the girl. When left the bar and went to our various hotel rooms, I sat her down, and asked her why is she doing this. She started crying, she told me how she lost her parents at a tender age.

And how also how she had a lot of responsibilities on her, I felt for her, I told her I
won't sleep with her that night, so we slept all
through the night with having sex . In the morning I gave her some money and also gave her my number in case she needs anything.  I encouraged her to stop living such life, she was such a beautiful girl,why sleep with men for money.

I left for Lagos, we always keep in touch, I also encouraged her to go to school, education is very important. I got jamb form for her, she started attending classes for Jamb exams . Finally she secured admission in Abuja University to study English. I was so happy I changed her life.

After 3 years in her 3rd year in the University we got married. She was a changed girl, she later graduated with a 2.1, I was so proud of her. My family was against the marriage, but I loved her so much, and because of what she has passes through in life, I wanted to show her tender love and care.Now we are married for like 6 years now, no child, but I wasn't worried, I believed God and he will never disappoint us.

She traveled for her friends wedding, i needed to get her certificate to photocopy for a job, I had wanted to apply for her. In her box as I was trying to figure out the documents I need, I saw a doctor,s report, that my wife,s womb has been damaged, that she can never have a child, due to the abortion he did before I met her. And she couldn't tell me this, and all this year's we have been waiting on God.

Please what will I do, because I left the house for a week now. I don't even want to see her for now. Am devastated.

Should I end the marriage or marry another wife, or still keep hoping on God.

I need matured advice please.

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