Monday, February 15, 2016

Married a virgin, but she started sleeping around!!!!!!

Hello Marital Ties Subs,

I am a fan of Gennypearl,s blog, and I appreciate her effort keep is up, I am Desmond, a native of Imo state, Owerri to be precise .

I am a very gentle guy, but I love women a lot, am a graduate of Economics in Nasarawa state university, I was a nice loving guy in school those days, I get any girl I see, feel like sleeping with. Am every girls man.

Every girl that see me always wants to hang

around me, I sleep with girls almost every
night in the university days, I came across this new jamb bite, I was in my 300 level when I met her. One unique thing about her was that she was reserved,she wasn't any type of girl you see always.
When I met her, her name is princess, I decided to quit womanizing and face her, she refused dating me, I kept on trying, she was so beautiful that I can't take my mind off her. So I kept disturbing her, made sure I blocked all guys that comes her way.

Finally princess agreed dating me, but on one condition that No S*X. I agreed, not because I wouldn't want to have s*x with her, but I wanted her to know how much I love and cherish her. We dated until I graduated , and
went for youth service, we still kept in touch.,i
made it look as if i was still in school, I was always keeping in touch making sure no guy comes close to her in school.

Later she also graduated, I was already working with federal Gov,t. So when she graduated I worked her youth service to Lagos where I was. Working. Still on our agreement, and I also kept to my promise to be faithful to her.

After her youth service, we got married, I was happy that after my rough life, I married a good girl who was a VIRGIN, she didn't tell at first, she wanted to surprise me. I was so surprised that on the night of our wedding, she was a VIRGIN. That made me to like her more.

She secured a job in a bank, as a marketer, I never liked the idea, but since she was ok with it am fine, I love my wife so much. God blessed. Us with 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys, beautiful children. Last year I applied for scholarship in united state of America.

Last month I got the scholarship, I was told I will go with my wife and children, but we will test them to make sure are my children, I said no problem. I took my children to the hospital, on
my greatest surprise only one of the child is
mine.  I was so mad, I came home and asked my wife, at first she declined, I called my family members and her,s also. After much persuading she now confessed that as a marketer that she sleeps with men for them to open an account with her bank.

Please what should I do, because I have loved this kids so much. And I have to travel to Us. And I must go with my kids.

Am so confused.

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