Sunday, February 7, 2016

Must He Marry Again.

Hello Marital Ties subs,

Am happy to be in this channel, I have been reading a lot of stories about people and relationships. We all have issues in our various relationships.

It all started last 4 years, a lovely morning I woke up to see missed calls from my kid brother, I didn't take it serious, I proceed to school that day for lectures. After the day lectures, I called him back, he asked me to come home that mum wants to see me. I went home. To cut the long story short I went home to find out that my mum passed away. It was. Not easy though, because I loved my mother so much.

She has only 3 of us, am the only girl, and after those years my dad has been single, just yesterday. He brought a lady home. And introduced her to us, as the lady he wants to marry.

Please must he marry again, can't we just be happy the way we are.

I Seriously Need Advice Please.

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