Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Bea Is Not Good In Bed

Hi Admin,

I have a problem o, my girlfriend is very poor in bed. As in she no sabi do at all. I started having s*x with her only about 8 months after we started dating. And we rarely do it sef. Each time I p*netrate her, after 2 minutes she removes herself and says she's tired, that we
should rest. Then I lose interest.

I have told her about it and she says it's because we are not married. That when we're married she will become wild for me and do anything I want. She's actually a very decent girl, and not into such things before. I plan to marry her soon but "hmmm" am I sure she will change?. Because she doesn't even move or react when we have s*x, she just lies down there while I do!

This can't happen when we're married o, I will just be getting it outside.
Please, guys what do you think?


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