Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My cousin and I were in a lovely relationship

My cousin and I were in a lovely relationship over 5yrs..then the marriage plans began early 2015.he was anxious and we were both happy..the problem was late around march he started acting weird, like fixing dates for the introduction always got cancelled and saying all sorts of things like “I’m going back to school” then when I asked about the wedding stuff that we stated then,he will say he was just joking about the school thing, he just wanted to know if I’m really interested with the marriage stuff.

This happens repeatedly and I reacted in such a way that made him tell me the real truth..he said his mum is not in support of the marriage but that’s not a problem to him”he convinced me that he will fix everything with his mum. YES he did everything possible I was happy he stood for our love..but then his mum started using her mischievous ways against him! She made him believe she’s now in full support of our marriage while she sends other relations with hurtful words to my the extent that my mum too got discouraged and him too, he
refused to believe what his mum was doing unknowingly.

Despite all the witnesses! Because of that we started having issues, suddenly his mum introduced a new girl to him..what I don’t understand is what I saw in his chats with the girl it was heartbreaking. he’s already inlove with her..he even told her I’m his mere Cousin :'( All the marriage stuff was a lie..I did show the chats to him but he acted as if I’m just 
ranting over nothing. I call him cousin but he’s not really my cousin. His mum and my mum have the same mother but different fathers.
I thought it was wrong at the beginning but his mum said its allowed that we can and now she never knew how much we loved each other but she wants to destroy our love. I’m so sad and don’t know what to do

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