Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Girlfriend Wants A Second Chance After Cheating On Me, What Do I Do?"

My name is Peter, I just discovered that the the girl I trust and love so much has been cheating on me.  It's been  4 years now since we've been dating. She is 23 and I'm 30. We plan to get married after she's done with her NYSC 

I,am a sailor and my kind of work takes me away from home for as long as two months. I try my best to provide everything she wants and also contribute to her education. Though we don't reside in the same state, our parents know each other well.
My girlfriend and my younger sister are very close, they live with each other in the meantime because my sister is currently doing her industrial attachment around the area my girlfriend resides in.
 got to know my girlfriend was cheating through my little sister after forcing her to talk because I started to become suspicious of her. 

She told me the girl I love is in love with another guy who has even taken her to see his mum. My sister also said my girlfriend rarely sleeps at home and the guy sleeps over sometimes at her place. 

To confirm my sister's story, I confronted my girlfriend. She lied at first but when she realised I was serious, she confirmed it. She has been begging for forgiveness and asking mutual friends to plead on her behalf. She says she still loves and can't live without me.

I still love her but the problem is I no longer trust her and my line of job doesn't need such a woman as a wife. But most of my friends say I should give her s a second chance.

Please Should I let her go or give her another chance? I'm confused on what to do.


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