Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Husband Starved me of S*x For A year

My name is Felicia and I have been married for eight years with two children. Before now, my husband and I had a very fulfilling s*x life, and we had regular s*x at least three times a week. But in the past one year and three months, our s*x life has been almost non existent as my husband rarely touches me nor make love to me.

At first, I attributed it to tiredness and tried to understand with him but when the problem persisted, I had to let him know of my frustrations but he got angry with me and that led to a very big fight between us.

After that, he has continued to starve me of s*x and anytime I try to make a move, he would get angry and leave the bedroom.
But in recent times, I have had cause to believe he is cheating on me and that may account for his loss of sexual interest in me. He stays out late and most nights, does not bother to come home, giving different excuses.

Until now, my husband was very free with his phones and could leave them at home and go to work but these days, he takes his phones anywhere he goes,

even to the toilet. He leaves my presence sometimes to answer calls and stays up late to chat and has put up passwords on his phones and laptop, something he never did.

I am very frustrated and I have been tempted to get a lover who will satisfy my sexual needs if my husband cannot do that.
I want you readers to help me out before I make a wrong decision.
Dear readers, we would like you to put yourselves in Felicia's shoes. We ask: what would you do if your spouse starves you of sex for over one year?

What should a woman do if her husband starves her of sex for more than a year? Should she get a lover to satisfy her sexual needs?

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