Friday, February 12, 2016

My husband takes stuffs

I'm a married woman with 3 kids for 7 years now. I got married to my husband cos we were so much in love. Moreover we were supported by friends and family saying we were perfect for each other. We got married after dating for 2 years and everything was perfect till our 3rd year in marriage.

Hubby started keeping late nights and being irresponsible as a husband and father. When I try to talk to him he rebels and walks out on me. Last year, I discovered he's abusing substance (cocaine). I spoke to him about rehab. and he went after much counselling. Only to come back & this time was worse than before.

Friends and family told me to live the house cos of my children while I keep praying that things will change for good cos they're being affected by everything going on...please what should I do? Leave my home or stay?


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  1. Hmmmn! Sis i wld say u shld take tym to pray for him wiv every strength uv got left in u cos sincerely u might not feel like. Secondly let his parents n a close friend he values in on d matter so they can also help carry d burden. N m sure in letting them knw, they will be able to gv u an advise on ur safety as well as ur kids. Cos if u leave them out, n move out of d house without them knowing whats going on, it cld b dangerous n unhealthy


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