Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Mother In Law is Complaining About The Pet Name I Gave My Fiance...m

I'm getting married in the next 2months. I and my fiancé went to his parents' house last week, when we were about to leave, i called my fiancés pet name which is "Ade Mi" (my crown) in order for him to help me get the key to the gate; on calling the name, my mother inlaw called me and told me not to use 'Ade Mi' for his son anymore. She said his elder brother bears...

Ade and she would not want any confusion in her house cos if the wife of the first born hears i call my hubby 'Ade Mi', she might not be happy with me (they are not in Nigeria). I later told her that it's not just any name, that it's a pet name and i even told her the meaning (despite the fact that she is a literate, she has stayed outside the country for...
...many years) but she insisted that i must change the name and give him another pet name. When we left her house, my fiance tld me dat i should not change the name but whenever we're in her presence, i should not call him the pet name( he was there when the conversation started but he didnt interrupt cos his mum is very...

...strict). My question now is that should i
stop the pet name or follow the advice of my fiance.
Note: the elder bro that bears Ade is just a prefix added to his name.
Besides is there anything bad or wrong with the pet name?

The End

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