Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Past Is Hunting Me!!!!!!!

Hello Marital Ties sub,

I am Chisom, I grew up from a Christian family, I was a born again to the chore, most of my neighbors uses me as an example to their daughters.

When I finished secondary school, I luckily got admission into the university, my parent sat me down and advised me that university is full of sinners. That I should make sure I don't mingle with sinners, and that they will lure me to sin. I promised them that I won't let them down.

I went into the university, and I was so happy about that. During classes I noticed there is this girl that dresses just like me, a sister like me, I went close to her and we became friends, we practically do everything together.

One day she told me to escort her to her friends place, cus I noticed she is hardly at home at night, I asked her, she said she goes for tutorial. I was like tutorial at night, she kept quiet.

I insisted on knowing where she normally goes. I followed her that night, when we got there I saw 2 guys seated in a room,I asked her what she was doing, she pointed at one of the guy that is her boyfriend. I was so surprised. She said she dresses like that to school because her mum is a lecturer that she is deceiving her.

she collected the cigarette and started smoking, she forced me to try it. I did and coughed they started laughing, like am a
 learner. I smoked that night I couldn't believe it was me. We now left that day, I kept going with her to see the guys, until one day she asked me if I have had s*x before, I said No, that my parents said is not a sin, she said is a lie, that is it is a sin why are they married.

She convinced me that s*x is sweet, that I should try it, and I agreed, that night we both went to the guys house, I was scared!, but she convinced me that I will enjoy it. When we got there as usual he was with his friends, this time 3 guys and we where just 2 girls. I sat down she brought drinks, and gave me one, I drank I started feeling dizzy, she was like I shouldn't worry. They started playing music and dancing.

I sat there moping at them, before I knew it one of the guy started kissing her, the other was removing her cloth, 2 guys on her and I was trying to close my eyes, she will give me sign to stop that, she was naked one was licking her. Pus*y, the other sucking her breast, the other guy came close to me. He Started touching me, I removed his hand, she was giving me sign as usual, I kept quite, he brought out my breast and started sucking it, I will be sincere I was enjoying it,i allowed him, but my eyes was on my friend and her 2 guys, the one sucking her pus*y, removed his penis and started fu*king her so hard, and she was licking the other one,s penis. The two was f*cking her turn by turn, the one with me removed all my cloth,i was so shy that I was covering my nakedness. But he finally forced himself into me it was so painful, that I shouted, he held my mouth. I told him to stop, they cleaned the blood.I told her I won't do again. I went into take a shower.

After that day, we kept on doing it, atimes we do threesome, atimes we will be 4, anytime i go home, I changed to that good girl, I was living two type of life.

After some years, I av graduated from the uni, working now,i have changed, not living that kind of life anymore. I fell inlove with a guy named Emmanuel, he was my everything. I. Loved him too much.

The day of my sorrow, was when we went to see his family, we came in and who did I see, the guy that disvirgined me, and the same guy we all have been doing threesome together.

He was looking at me, I pretended as if I don't know him.

Please should I tell my Fiancé before he does or should I quit the marriage.

I really Need Help!!!!!

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