Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nkechi The House Girl

I was a lovely husband to my wife, she was the love of my life, her kind of woman is the type of lady every guy wants to have around him.

I went for a cousin wedding,s in Benin city, in the church I noticed a pretty girl, she came in quite late, on a short skirt, with all her shape telling the guys am here,but you can't have it or even touch it with her top showing her bra, and
her breast so attractive that I can barely
concentrate on the sermon that the pastor was preaching about and the even the wedding I came for. All my attention was on the pretty damsel I was seeing.

Something in me told me, Daniel this is your wife to whom am well pleased. After the church service I made sure my eyes follows her anywhere she goes, or anyone she talks to. All I can think of is how I will carras her body, can,t
wait to see that breast of her,s and make her feel like a woman. I couldn't wait,i went over to where she was standing and said hello pretty. She answered quite nice and caring. We got talking and along the line we exchanged number. I was so happy, it was as if I worn a raffle, when I went to my hotel room that night, I called her and we talked for a long time, trying to know each other better. She stays in lagos and I stay in Abuja.

At first it looked as if it won't work out cus of the distance,but I hard to put in my best for the relationship to work, she was a nice girl and very understanding even though she is always busy she still finds time for me in her tight schedule. we continued this relationship and on her birthday I surprised her with an engagement party she was so surprised that she almost fainted.
After 3 months of engagement we got married. It was a lovely wedding, that day was the happiest day of our lives. Finally that pretty girl became my wife. I will have all the assets to myself. My wife is a sweet woman both sexually and otherwise, she was just complete, luckily for her she was transfered from lagos to abuja, she works with one of the reputable bank in Nigeria.

After 2 years of marriage, we started having issues, we have a lovely daughter named fortune, am actually a business man, but my wife is always busy with work, leaves early and always comes back late, I was like the woman and she was the man. I do almost all t he house chores. Cooking, cleaning the house in the morning, and other house chores. It wasn't funny though, I told her one night that she came back from work that she really need to quite this job cus it is actually affecting her motherhood. She took offence that I actually met her with this job, that I want to turn her to a house wife that, she won't take it. It was a serious issue. I actually don't like the idea of house help, cus of the way most ladies treat househelps, but in my case I have no option that to bring in someone.

We now agreed that she will bring in someone
at least to help me out with fortune. And am happy she bought the idea,she now told her cousin in the east to get her someone, we waited for like a month, lo and behold the house help arrived. A dirty and village looking girl, she isn't a small girl though wondering why she would choose to do such a job. She came in, I did not actually notice her, it was my wife that was with her trying to fix and her, her dutied in the house, at least I will be free to
hang out with friends, and be on my own without carrying Fortune always.

But this increased her laziness and late coming,the worst part of it is that she denies me of sex too. Anytime she come at night she is always tired. I don't believe in having a girlfriend cus I love my wife so much,and I promised myself after marriage no extra marital affairs. But I was starving,atimes I try to
understand with her, but atimes I conclude that man no be wood, no matter how tired she is, is nor right for her to deny me sex. I kept hoping that all will be well, the househelp nkechi was doing a good job, I was so relieved.

My wife was so impressed with her and always gets her clothes, skirt, gown and trousers, but I don't usually notice her, village girl, but one thing I noticed about Nkechi she has nice hips,
but I told my self that hips isn't urs, so remove your mind from it. But most atimes in the morning when cleaning the house Nkechi like bending down expecially if she notice am around she bends the more you can see her fresh laps, and wining her waist and hips, but I do ignore her, but I was starving so badly, my wife told me to do just once last night, as I was onto digging and enjoying it, suddenly she said is ok, that can't I see that she is so tired. Men
and sex that was her exact word.

I kept bearing, as a faithful guy, but Nkechi kept turning me on, I had to control myself, a mare house girl, no now. My wife came back this faithful day and told me that she is going on a assignment to port Hacourt  the next day, as early as 7:30am she left for the airport. I was left alone with fortune and Nkechi, that morning Nkechi wore a very short skirt showing all she
was wearing under, I went to my room to shower, I had a knock on the door, Oga na me nkechi, watin u wan make I prepare for you, I told just tea and bread is ok. When I came out of my room, to take my breakfast, she was still cleaning with her skirt all up, she was naked with her Pu**y so wide open waiting for a c**k to ride it. I couldn't remove my eyes, at that moment I forgot she was just a househelp, all I could see was a clean Pu**y. I was confused
what to do, after the tea I told her to come n clean my room immediately that is dirty, she ran to the room and started sweeping, this time I could see the Pussy wide open, my cock was already standing for food, I couldn't control it, I went closer to her and touched her breast, she smiled like this is what she has been waiting for, I told her to lock the door that Fortune is sleeping, she came back I removed her cloth, sucked her breast so hard like have never
sucked before, she said Oga wait make I suck your pe**s, like joke Nkechi gave me the best Bj ever, I was just screaming like someone had hit me with an iron on the head, I pushed her on the bed backwards, put in a condom and entered her through the back, I fucked her so hard, I had to receive all have been starved of she was screaming oga,oga,oga, I had to close her mouth while I fu*k her so bad, without the neigbour hearing her.

After a while I came, I was tired and weak, she said oga sorry, she took her clothes and left my room, I actually felt bad for sleeping with my house help.Now please what can I do, because I sleep with my house help anytime my wife isn't around and because of her tight schedule she can't find out. I really want to stop, but I can't.

What can I do?


  1. You need to make up your mind to stop this wicked act. That girl needs to leave your house. You and your wife needs to go got counselling too

  2. You need to discuss with ur wife abt your need, and let her know that her behavior is driving u to d edge, n she won't be happy if u go out there n get satisfaction. You have endured n it seems its not gonna change. That house help needs to go to avoid oda issues

  3. Let's cut a deal. Give nkechi to me and I will give u a concrete advice out

  4. Hmmmm, talk to your wife to change. You can even threaten her that you might get satisfied outside but never mention that you slept with your house help

  5. First.send the househelp away.after some a month call ur wife or a family member she respect and explain.pray before u do all this that God should forgive u and restore ur marriage back.things will be easily afterwards.pls do try this

  6. Hot scenario! Talk to your wife honestly and let the girl leave

  7. JC I don't think telling the wife is such a good idea, as a matter of fact it might end the marriage


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