Saturday, February 20, 2016

Phone S*x

I have been dating this guy for a year now, distant relationship. We fall out a lot and we have had sex just few times. Most times we fall out with issues involving visiting him or phone sex.
Sometimes it might not be convenient but he wants me to visit anyway and we argue and fight.

What troubles me and I am not sure of how right it is, is that he always wants us to have phone sex.

It could be irritating to me. I know it is not easy on his part, but I feel a disciplined matured guy can wait for the reality. I am not used to this phone things and we argue about it a lot.
He says I don't care about his feelings and all. That all I care is about myself and what he will does for me.

Actually I don't ask things from him, except I just want to get lovely dubby on phone and he goes on telling how I want attention and how I won't reciprocate on his part.
What do the guys and girls in the house think, please.

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