Monday, February 8, 2016

Please help me!!!!!!! I don,t want to loose my husband & I also don,t want to share him.

Hi Marital Ties Subs,

I found out my husband had an affair with a lady that lives in the same street with us, I traveled for 3months & during this period my husband became attached to her,he has apologized severally,but I told him he should cut all tires with her no, calls or messages but he says he doesn't want it to look like they're  enemies.

Recently I found out he deleted some of their chats & leave others, I told him to tell me the entire truth & he said he'd  fell in love with her & he don't no how but he loves me more that I should be  patient with him to get her off, i told him he has to choose between me or her.

I have intentions of calling the girl but my husband won't let me, i don't no why he still insists on not deleting her from his life, he say he wants it to go naturally, am tired & confused, my heart  is crying out in pains,

please  help me, cos i don't wanna loose my husband & I also don't wanna share him.

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  1. This is a tough one. If your husband refuses to delete the girl from his life, go to the girl and talk to her. Before going to the girl pls make sure she's the type you can talk to. Wouldn't be nice if she's the noise making type. Talk to her calmly ok. Don't quarrel, don't raise your voice. Also don't forget to pray about it.


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