Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Please Help, My 4 Years Relationship Seems To Be Crashing Down

 I have a very serious problem which I so much believe that with your kind and generous advice, I might take the right step. 
I met this girl around April 2012 at my work place and since then we have been together after I proposed to her last year. The fact is I love her so much and I thought she also loves me. I went down with her to her village around April 2014 to see her parents formally and they were so happy, her mum, dad, grand parents and even her siblings welcomed me wholeheartedly and I was so happy. 

I stayed with them for two weeks just to see if I can picture out any bad behavior but seriously, non was found. The problem am having with her is that she has too much male friends and most of them are always sending her love messages both on 2go and Facebook. I once stumble on her Facebook inbox and I found a chat between her and another guy and he was just thanking her for coming to spend good time with him, bla bla bla and how he enjoyed her. I was so mad because during this period she went to the village alone and promised to return in a week but she didn't until after 3 weeks, this is what she always do, she travels like 4-5 times in a year and never return on time. When she returned, I confronted her and she said she is not the one that did that chat with the guy, I tried asking her who did but she never gave me a good answer. Later that week, she gave me her phone to help her charge it in a barbing saloon, then a strange number called and I picked, the person hissed and cut the call, he later sent a message saying, "you're picking my wife's call and asking me who it is" I replied him that he should check the number that he might be wrong, he then mentioned her name. I went back home to ask my fiancee who own that number then she said its that guy I saw his chat and I should not worry, she will fix it. Recently again, she has travelled and up till this moment, she is not back, she promised she won't stay up to 2 weeks but yesterday makes it 5 weeks. That same yesterday, my mum's pastor asked my mum to call me that he has a message for me which I later went, he greeted me and say, while he was praying for me because of my mums request, that he was shown that the lady I am planning of marrying is not mine alone, that if I go ahead to marry her, she will wreck me and leave me, he said she travelled now and I said yes, he said she was seeing someone else in the village, he said if I doubt him, I should go ahead.

It was then my mum now said, my younger sister told her of a dream she had, that I caught my fiancee with another guy and it leads to a fight which the said guy killed me. I myself have had such dreams too. The pastor gave me 3 days fasting and prayer. I am confused, despite all her cunning ways I still love her but what should I do and how do I go about leaving her. I will be 30 by 5th April, am not getting any younger.

 Please advice.

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  1. Do u need a soothsayer 2tell u ur headed for doom?even ur dreams ve revealed wat will happen,u beta open ur eyes or die miserably!


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