Monday, February 29, 2016

Please Men Dont Trust Women, From My Experience !!!!!!

I know a young, beautiful, well endowed lady sometime ago in the university, her name is Dami(not real name), we happened to be in the same department. she was dating a friend of mine who happens to be in the same department but not on the same level.( ill call him Dave).
There relationship was the envy of every one and Dave was always taking care of 
her needs. 

He was always taking her to places in his ride
and even payed for her hostel apartment, and this continued even after dave finished, went for NYSC and got a job in a bank . The relationship started when Dave was in 300 level and Dami was in 100 level.
A few years later, there was a party in which I invited another friend of mine who lives on my street, a graduate from another university named jibe. Dami also came along with Dave which is not suprising as both of them are always together, and at the party, both of them 
where having a nice time together. while the party was going on,jide saw dami on the dance floor and told me privately to introduce her to him since he noticed that I know Dami because he saw me talking to the her. I told him straight that it was an impossible mission, that though I know him as a successful player, these babe is out of his reach, she has a guy she is in love with, the guy is financially ok, and he is more handsome than him, in fact 
everyone is expecting them to get married 
soon, in fact I pointed to dave, to show 
jide that her boyfriend is less than 2 feet 
away from her.

My street friend jude, immediately told me 
I've got a lot to learn about women, he said he will enlighten me and use dami as an example. He quickly left me and went to meet Dami on the dance floor(at that time she was dancing while her boyfriend was sitted, gisting with another guy) I stopped being interested in there case cus I thought nothing will come out of it, and also as an organizer of the party with over a hundred quests, I was busy seeing to 
their needs.
About two weeks later, jide sent a message to me on my blackberry messager with the 
following words," mission accomplished, you go buy beer for me naaa while I gist you". Understanding who he is and knowing he was talking about women, I 
quickly replied him with the words " guy, if person dey buy beer for you just to hear 
your story about women, the money go done reach to buy Nigerian Breweries, no 
show today".
Our conversation continued thus:

jide:" This just concern you"

me: (with fear in my mind thinking one of my female cousins had fall ing for him typed) " you wan start to dey lie, who she be"

jide:" you sabi her wella, dami na".

mesadvery much suprised, but still suspecting it's a lie) " 7pm, Bush flavours" 

later that day, we met at the joint and he gave me details with proofs of how he has and will still be bang**g dami.

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