Monday, February 8, 2016

Raining Evening!!!!!!! (18+)

It was rainy evening. I just finished a really long boring evening lecture. I have never had any interests in this course because I felt it was irrelevant to me and to top it all, it was coordinated by the most boring professor. Rumors had it that he banged most of the hottest chicks he taught in the previous session who couldn’t pass his course and didn’t want to retake the course.

Even guys who failed took turns in pimping for this man. Nobody wanted to fail this course because this meant an extra session for them. I was also worried about my fate because of my disgust for the course. I had no problem with pimping for him so I was cool with that the class finished around 7 pm and I was f*cking tired,hungry and cold,I need to munch some food so,first, I went to the eatery.

I got myself a take away and left for my crib because I couldn’t stay another minute outside. I just moved into my flat the previous night and hadn’t met anyone new yet. It was a quiet
neighbourhood with the majority of the
population being students. I was hoping I could take a stroll but it was still raining so I had to stay indoors. I decided to take a warm shower first then later go through my latest porn collection while I eat my food.

While I was showering, I was thinking of about a new hot chick I just met in my class. She is fair in complexion with a gorgeous body. She had the best pair of titties I had ever seen and she loved to flaunt them. I loved them because they could fit perfectly into my hands if I grabbed them – only if I could just grab them She also had a flat tummy with an apple shaped ass. My heart always stops beating everytime I see her swing
her sexy hips as she slowly catwalks down the
hallway leading to the class. Every guy in my class wanted to get a taste of her pussy. She was the topic of the discussion among most cliques. Then I started to wonder if she was as intelligent as she looked or whether she had to sleep her way to get her grades then I remembered the boring professor. The thought of that man ever getting close enough to bang her got me angry.
I heard soft knock on my door. I wasn’t sure it was a knock though because of the racket the rain was making but I decided to check anyway. I was still wrapped in my towel when I went to answer. I was surprised to see the girl I was just
thinking about in my doorstep. She was wet and I guess, it was from the rain. I wasn’t sure what surprised her more- seeing me or seeing me half-nude. She looked down and I was sure she got a glimpse of the bulge down my towel
and she smiled. We stood staring at each other for like 10 seconds before I eventually let her in.
She told me she was my next door neighbor and that she couldn’t get into her apartment because her roomie left the house and forgot to put the key beneath the doormat. She stood outside waiting till she decided to check if anyone was in my apartment. I offered her a
potion of the food I ordered but she declined so
I made her some hot tea instead, to combat the cold. I told her she could stay in my crib while she waited for her roomie. I caught her staring at my bulge several times – it made me harder because I was imagining what she was thinking. We had a casual conversation – about school, lecturers, favorite hanging spot but I couldn’t keep my mind off her protruding nipples. They
looked like they were going to create holes in
her tight soaked shirt. She also had a white tight short mini skirt on, which was also soaked. Even though she had some clothes on, I could see through them.

It left nothing for me to imagine.
We conversed casually for like fifteen minutes till I commented her on her gorgeous titties. She was shocked but welcomed the comment. She told me it was her family heritage because her mom & sisters had large boobs. I wanted to jump on her & tear apart her shirt but I kept my cool. I guessed she knew what I was thinking because she asked if I wanted to feel them.

I almost shouted! I went close and fondled her wet breasts. My d*ck got way harder. I went straight for her nipples and she gave a deep moan. I stroked both nipples with my fingers till she pushed my head to her chest. My towel came loose and so did my hard d*ck. I sucked her nipple through her wet clothes for the next two minutes till she took off her shirt and her bra. Now she was half naked.

Her breasts looked even bigger and I wasn’t sure my hands could cup them again. She gave me a sexy wink. My heartbeat got faster and my d*ck stiffened more. I wanted to continue sucking her nipples but she pushed me back to stare at my dick. She looked impressed and told me I had huge cock. She grabbed the tip and rubbed it while looking at me. My heartbeat got even faster. She asked me to lean back, chill and to take a deep breath. Before I could finish exhaling the breath, I felt her warm mouth all
over my d*ck. I moaned! She licked the tip of
my d*ck all the way down to my balls after which she gave me a handjob mixed with a blowjob – she knew what I loved. She stroked me really hard and fast that my moans got deeper and louder. I enjoyed every second of it and I’d bet she did too.

Her mouth was warm and felt so good. She sucked me harder as I moaned deeper. After going back and forth on my d*ck,deepthroated me and took me to the edge I reached climax and busted a warm load of cum all over face. It felt so good.
She licked me dry and kept blowing me harder,the hand job together the warmth of her mouth was everything a dude could ever wished for. She was all wet from the rain,so we decided to have a shower. We decided to bathe each other. I finally got a better view of her sexy
bare apple-shaped ass while we were up in the
shower. Within seconds, my dick was hard again. I scrubbed her back with the sponge and soap,i drained her body with the bathing water. My hands just couldn't stay off her boobs,her nipples were hard again,I kept fondling her, then my mouth took over

teasing her nipples with my tongue,she gave out a moan. I flicked my tongue on her rock hard nipples,giving each of them a teased. The kissing went further down,running through her belle button, and then finally on her trimmed p*ssy.

While standing, she opened her legs to give me room to her f*ckhole, there it was staring at me, like a hungry wolf, my tongue separated her p*ssy lips sending waves into her body,my tongue went further,slicing through her hole. I
could feel her legs vibrating,and so I flicked my
tongue on her clit, her clit shut out begging to be eaten.I stuck two fingers inside her juicy hole & f*cked her with my finger while devouring her clit,that would have sent her to the edge because I noticed her hand on my head pulling me in & before long,her juice ran down her legs

That must have been one hell of a pleasure because I caught her grinning. While I was rinsing her body, her neck chain fell over so she bent down to pick. Since I was at her back, her p*ssy was directly in front of my d*ck. I gently pushed myself into her tight warm p*ssy. She wasn’t expecting it but she loved it all the same. She moaned deeply. I pushed even deeper. She moaned louder.

Then I started going back and forth inside her. Her p*ssy felt as good as it looked. I stroked her as if she were a pornstar. I increased my tempo till I got so fast we both started screaming. Since it was still raining, we weren’t afraid of disturbing the neighbours and even if they were disturbed we couldn’t give a f*ck. As I wanted to do was to satisfy her as she did me. We were in the doggy position for like 10 minutes as I kept on ramping my cock inside her cunt

She bent further down which gave me easy penetration, I held her ass and increased speed, she begged me not to stop.

The sound of her moan sent some waves down my spine as I kept on hitting hard on her till she hit orgasm. She screamed so loud and she squirted. Now it was time for her to return the
favor,and she did.

We went from the bathroom to the bed, she pushed me down, climbed on my d*ck and gave me a reverse cow girls.
The look of her ass as it goes up and down my d*ck made me felt if I was truly banging this bae

I held her ass as she kept on riding my d*ck, then she increased speed like a possessed sex freak. I noticed my cum building up fast. She gave out a screamed and came hard on my d*ck,leaving

it wet with her cum, I turned her around, lifted her legs on my shoulder and banged her the pinning style. Her cum was enough lubricant as my cock slided in smoothly

All I could hear was moaning sound.

My lips found hers and I kissed her passionately, if she was offering me a one night stand, I must as well make use of every moment

I kept on f*cking this bae like my life depended on it, then my balls contracted and I buried my cum deep inside her hole,but I aint done yet, I kept on digging her knowing its getting over, she wrapped her hards round my neck as I emptied every bit of cum inside her. She gave me another blowjob, sucking me dry. We then
cleaned ourselves up.
By the time we left the room,her roomie was already back and had called her 10 times

So she wore her dress and I saw her to the door. She said goodnight & kissed my forehead. My dick became hard again but she had to leave. I went back into my room,crashed on my couch and slept off. What a night!!

One hell of a night nigga!:^>

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