Sunday, February 7, 2016

She crawled her way into my parent,s heart.

I am a very matured guy that likes to keep his personal issues to himself and say a few people that matter to me if I sense the need for a second opinion. This particular issue of mine is beyond me or my small circle. Ive been a silent subscriber on here and now am the one sharing my story. I am in my early 30s and I stay with my parents, different buildings. But still in the same compound cuz it's closer to work. I have a few female friends asides male friends that come around to visit and on few occasions some of them coincidentally meet with my parents and they just greet and that's all, I dont do any form of introduction to avoid unnecessary marriage talks from my parents. There's this particular girl...

(let me call her Doyin) that my parents saw more often and they unavoidably had to know her name. She was just a close friend with no form of strings attached although we get down sometimes if the mood is right. Along the line I had to travel out of the for a course; I was out of the country for close to 6 months and then upon arriving home for vacation to return back to the UK in few weeks, I realised Doyin had crawled her way into my family's heart. She comes to check up on them, do basic chores
and sometimes pass the weekend there. My
parents automatically thought we were dating and would probably get married as they started pressing me on allowing them have a small introduction before I return.
...back to the UK. While I was away mom mentioned her coming around but I didn't pay much attention to it, I had no idea her visits had ulterior motives. This is a girl I've never asked out neither have I been equivocal about having feelings for. I just liked her company and she was just really a good friend because  we've known eachother since forever and the s3x was just a plus. She even had a bf the last time I checked. What amazes me most is the fact that anytime we talked while I was away, she never uttered anything abt visiting my parents and the likes.
 Now I explained to my parents that I have no
iota of feelings for doyin and then my mom asked if I had someone else to bring home and I said not yet becaus I am not in any relationship am confident about right now, just for my mom to say "she's a good girl and we've already spoke to the pastor, she's perfect for you". I was just dumbfounded, I said ok and left the
house temporarily to cool off. Now am just
confused about all this cuz if I should react the way I feel a lot of people will be hurt or perhaps disappointed. I haven't seen or spoken to doyin since I returned and I don't even know what to say to her.
Please I need your opinion on how to handle this situation.

The End.

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