Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Should I go Ahead ?

I am a lady in a serious relationship, last year October I found out that my fiancé got a lady pregnant after all said and the lady got rid of the pregnancy. Fast forward this month of February when I visited my fiancé,on a particular morning I went to the market to buy what i will cook, that morning on getting home I saw a lady dashing out of the house through the back door.

I confronted my fiancé but he denied which is really hurting me because I saw the lady with my eyes running out of the flat.The problem now is my introduction is this February ending and I am totally confused if I should continue or not as I cannot stand a cheating man.

God knows, I would av wanted to prove everyone that said I won't get married to this man wrong, they said I can't get married to him cus to them they said I am more exposed than him but with all these I am seeing my heart  deviating.

The question now is should I go ahead with the introduction so as to prove those that says I can't get married to him wrong or I should put a stop to everything cos of his infidelity...I need your matured and genuine advice please I am in a very tight corner. Thanks

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