Friday, February 12, 2016

Should I take her back?

I started dating her exactly the 3rd week we gain admission into the university. Our relationship was so unique that guys envy us on campus,I showed her love like I practically worshiped her. She was accepted wholeheartedly in my family and vice versa, things were going on smoothly until our service year. She came visiting and while we were in the mood she kept on mentioning another guy name repeatedly.

I was so angry that I slapped her face and she confessed she was seeing the guy but promise to end it that day because I loved her so much I forgave her.A year later she lose her dad and things were so tight for them but I was there for them because I have started working then, she later introduced someone to me as her uncle who was willing to support them financially.

Few months later I lost my job and was down financially then she started misbehaving, I cut her pants down with the same man she called her uncle banging her seriously, I almost entered the ground to be swallowed but that did not happen. She never felt sorry and called me names like you this wretched and poor fellow, I can't let you infect me with poverty. She betrayed my love for her.

2 years later now that I've secured another job in one of the telecoms company with an official flat here in Abuja plus an official car and mouth watering salary, she is begging me to take her back. Though I've been single since then because I hate ladies with passion, what should I do I need honest advice pls.

Please friends help a brother out

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