Friday, February 5, 2016

Simply Confused!!!!!

I don't know how to even start this story. When I met my boyfriend he was a player, like a serious flirt. He's very cute no doubt, had girls buying things for him spending on him. I would call him more like a "Gigolo". He never spent on girls and girls enjoy doing the spending as long as he slept with them. And he has slept with thousands of girls. When I met him I was really naive & innocent. I just got dis-virgined by a guy I thought loved me but it didn't work out so we broke up, but we had s*x twice.

I became friends with my boyfriend. He called once in a while to check up on me was really sweet, but that's before we started dating & when we did start dating & finally had s*x, it was like I was a Virgin all over again. So stupid and naive, I didn't even know what to do and i'm sure it was one of his worse s*x, we kinda drifted apart. Then about a year later or so we got back together and we decided to give it a try. I learnt how to cook because he loves food. He taught me how to make love and he's great in the bedroom and things were great. I never really let his past disturb me because.
...I had stars in my eyes for just him.
I was madly in love with him. Most of the times we spent were in-door's in my apartment and I would complain that I wanted to go out with him and do stuff like a couple. After much postponing, we finally started doing things out-door's and his male friends knew we were dating and we would hangout everything was great. Then one night...
...I travelled to Abuja because i'm based there.
Then we were pinging and he was drunk and he started telling me how much he love me and that i'm a good girl he doesn't deserve. That even when he's been with other girls and he comes to me I would accept and still love him. I was shocked...I cried a lot, he called and begged and asked for forgiveness which I accepted.Then I came back and we spent more time together.
I met his family and everyone in his house and his friends knew we are an item, and they all loved me. But I had a hard time trusting him but I just let go and just let him love me the way he knows how to. 2 years after he gave me his phone to help send some things to him and after I sent them I just went through his...
...whatsapp and I saw so many chats with so many girls that's his been sleeping with.
I confronted him about it and he didn't deny it. We broke up, I cried and I literally felt like my whole time I spent with him was a lie. He begged saying he was stupid and that he's changing. That i'm making him a better person but his past is really hard to let go, and he asked me not...

...give up on him now. After a lot of crying and begging we got back together but it was kinda hard for me to forget completely.
We would fight every other day and the whole incident kinda made us closer and value each other. But I don't know if he will ever change or if this is true love. Are there people out there who go through this with their partners. I love him...

...and I know he loves me but will he ever change?. And am I suppose to leave him and say he will never change and find someone else.
3 years and his still all I want. He's perfect, he spends on me, gets me the things I need,...

...loves me but it's just the cheating thing I don't know if he will out grow. His 24 between and i'm also 24. Please, I need someone to tell me something I can build my life on.


Advise Please.


Final Post!

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