Tuesday, February 23, 2016

They Are Both Serious About Me

I'm so much in love with this two guys ,one happens to be my Ex(known for the past 3yrs now)...,but then,we were both far from each other ,tho still within the same state ,so we see once in a while, but while that(relationship) was going,he claims to love me so much then that he even proposed to me last year with so much plead,but even b4 the proposal,...

I still don't believe he really loves me and I always let him know that,my thoughts then was that he only wants to add me to his list of girls,besides,there's this iota of pride in him ..but still he claims he loves me with all seriousness
So while I was to go for my Youth service last year May,I called him,we met and I returned the ring lied to him that my mum doesn't want me to get married to a Muslim..
So the other guy in question , I've known him for long from a distance tho  ,he's 9yrs older than I am .we started getting close ,talking and all
March last year was when we started the relationship, he's caring ,trustworthy and doubts about that.

To cut the story short ,last year October, myself and the 1st guy whom I see as my Ex ,we got talking back ,chatting and all
He pleaded that he really loves me not for anything else and wants us to get married
But the point is that he has really changed for good and now I believe without any doubt that he had always loved me and still do,but back then ,my instincts were wrong So we get to see and he's always insisting on wanting me to meet his family n vice versa ,that he doesn't want to loose me this time around .,but then ,I told him about my new relationship and all he had to say was that Since it happened that  I left him for this guy ,
so I must also do same in his case ,he was always asking after him to know if we still communicate ...
Let me keep other stories
My main reason for writing this to u is becoz I'm totally confused on who to go with....
Both guys are so much in love with me and are ready for marriage ,in fact my Ex that I said we just got back talking,...

proposed to me again on Sunday last week being the valentine's day ....the other guy in the picture want me to meet his parents officially (introduction) next month, both guys are in love with me .,I love them both but then I can't get married to 2 men..
I don't know what to do or how to go about it

Pls I seek your advice
I've pondered about it but nothing seems to pop into my brain.


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