Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Virgin wants out!!!!.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 months now he’s 30 I’m 20. Believe me, he gives me everything and loves me unconditionally and I love him too…We’ve not had s*x yet cause I’m still Virgin Mary. Though I’m always willing to give it up but whenever I try to he doesn’t want to.
He’s not interested, he says we should cuddle and end there that at the right time we would have s*x…well I made him try not once not twice but thrice my hymen is fully covered so it’s so difficult to penetrate. Most times I bleed little and we don’t go further instead he suddenly stops and his erection dies instantly…He tried doing it this night but couldn’t and confessed and was even crying to me that he’s too emotional and gets upset and feels guilty when he sees my face knowing am going through pains when he wants to dis virgin me.

That we should please leave my virginity, that he’s not complaining I know it’s cause he’s definitely gonna get it outside… I feel really bad for forcing and pressurising him into doing it all this while at same time I feel rejected and dejected also *sigh*. Now that we’ve come to an agreement, my body still wants it. I’m having the urge to go to my crush who I also love to do it but then not only would it cost my relationship, guilt will hunt me forever I’m just confused so frustrated. Please, what can a hungry for s*x virgin do?

Credit: Relationship issues

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