Wednesday, February 3, 2016


At first, when Vickie informed me my mother had called me, I didn’t take her serious. How can my mother call me when I was almost at pleasures peak, like what kind of a Mother does that?
“JONATHAAAN…” She called out again
Hearing my name roar out of my mother’s mouth as she was approaching my room, I quickly jumped up from Vickie like her body had suddenly become too hot for me to handle. I packed my “belongings” (condom and all) back into my boxer shorts and hurriedly wore my trousers.

Vickie giggled when she saw me dressing up in frenzy, she herself putting all her valuables back into place. By then my mother had gotten quite close to my door and hollering my name again, I replied and opened the door to find her standing just outside. She eyed me for a few seconds, before looking inside to find Vickie seated on the plastic chair, deeply engrossed with pretence in the very Christian novel Mom had given me to read.
My mom looked at me and asked why I didn’t reply when she called me earlier. I hadn’t yet cooked up a lie to cover up for what I have been doing when she called. That moment I knew if I had opened my mouth, I knew I was going to stammer and raise a heck of suspicion in my mom, but just before the first words left my mouth…
“He blocked his ears with his earphones” Vickie interrupted, pointing to my Walkman on the bed.
I didn’t remember putting it there. She must have done that within the split seconds it took me to walk to open the door, before sitting down with the novel. Wow! I looked at Vickie, our eyes met, and I could see a familiar glint in them. What a very sharp girl, I had thought to myself.
My mother now satisfied that nothing out of the ordinary was going on in her son’s bedroom. She informed me that dinner was ready should Vickie care to join us?
“I’m about to leave, ma” Vickie said. I escorted Vickie outside, condom still wrapped around my flaccid penis but I didn’t seem to be bothered.
We kept quiet for the better part of our journey to her

area, until Vickie giggled. I asked her why she was giggling and she reminded me that I still had that condom on my dick. I was supposed to be embarrassed, but I laughed with her. She asked me why I had not removed it yet and I replied I would when I get home. She laughed some more, louder even. She told me to stop behaving like a child and remove it right there on the road. It never occurred to me that I could do such.
I was just so ashamed of myself but I did as instructed and dispose of the first condom which never held the content of my orgasm. I hadn’t climaxed, and I wasn’t happy for that. I wanted to do her again but I was wondering how to tell her about it. The words kept coming to my mouth but I just couldn’t say them. Just when I thought the night was over and nothing new could come out of it…
“Has a girl sucked you before?” She asked.
My heart almost stopped beating and my mouth was wide open. I had intended to feign surprise, but honestly I was surprised. Chioma was the first and only girl to suck my dick, but Vickie didn’t know about Chioma.
“No, but I’ve fantasized a lot about it” I lied
“Hmmm, do you want me to do it?” Vickie asked. I thought she was crazy. I was even beginning to wonder if this was the real Vickie or if it was a clone of her asking me these things.
“Uhmmnn, well, yeah, but we can’t do it right now so…” I said.
“Who said we can’t? Come joor, there’s an uncompleted building before we get to my house. Let’s go there…” She said
I had told my mother I would return as quickly as I could before my dinner gets cold, but getting on with what Vickie had in mind for me only meant I was entirely shunning dinner for the evening, Fuck Dinner!

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