Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wasted 9 Years Of My Life......

Hi Marital Ties

I am Amaka (Not Real Name), am a graduate, read Microbiology,
I met a guy while in my 100 level, we fell inlove, he was a nice guy, he took good care of me while in school, every one was enveying us those days in school.

We finally graduated from the university, we both worked our service in the same state,after youth service, we started job hunting, luckily for me I got a job with the federal Government.

He was trying to get a job, since he couldn't get one, his uncle decided to send him abroad. it wasn't easy for me, he will be far away from me, for the first time in 5 years that we started dating.
Finally he traveled abroad, I cried out my eyes, we decided to wait for each other, until he comes back,all the while he was abroad I don't have time for other guys, he monitored me alot, so I was always scared to hang out with other guys.

My parents where worried that am not getting any younger, that I should get married and forget him, I told them I love him and I will
always wait for him.

After 4 years he came back as he promised to marry me, while preparing for the big day, we where asked to go for Genotype, I told him is not necessary, but he said we should just fulfill all righteousness. We went to the lab, and conducted the test, we collected the result, after some minutes.

The result read that we both are As. Now the doctor said we can't get married. I have wasted 9 years of my life with him.

Please what should I d o?

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