Friday, February 19, 2016

what is the essence of marriage when I can,t be with my husband.

I'm a wife & a mother too, I'm 28years old. Actually thought I was so in love with my hubby but just discovered I'm falling out of love for him. It all started when I got pregnant for him. Never asked him to marry me based on that in fact he was already talking about marriage with me before the pregnancy came up.

They've been lots of quarrels since then most especially after our wedding.
1. Ever since  I met him we've only hung out twice & that was even when we were still dating.
2. I can't boast of Us having 5pixs together as couple or even 1 as a family, each time I want us to snap together, he either complains or give one excuse or the other yet he loves snapping alone or with his colleagues ...

(both male and female).

3. My hubby calls me madam or hello whenever he wants to talk to me.

4. He has only used my pix on his Whatsapp profile pix twice (my birthday last year & this year's) in fact he removed our wedding pix as his profile pix when I used it after our wedding.
5. I've caught him flirting with numerous ladies on his phone, sometimes he even sneaks out to call them.

6. sexually it doesn't bother him if I'm ok or not (never reached orgasm since I married him) , as a matter of fact he makes love to me when he wants & never responds to me when I want him to, sometimes I even get turned down when I want to kiss him.

I put to bed last year December so he asked me to stay with my parents since he works in another state which I accepted. Since then I've been staying with my parents, I even suggested to him that I should be coming to the house for weekend with our baby & go back to my parents on Mondays ...

...since he comes back every weekend so we can at least spend time alone as a family but he refused even on Valentine day. Sometimes I'm even scared to talk to him because I don't know how he would react. I've reported him yet no much changes. He claims to love me & his baby so much (so he says, his brothers & friends too) yet doesn't know how to show it or even see us as his no1 priority.

Now I've sleepless nights brooding over all that's happened & just discovered I'm falling out of love. What's the essence of marriage when I can't be with my hubby, when I can't even gist with him like I want though we speak at least 4times a day, when I can't even hang out with him when I want, when I'm not free with him in bed.

I've noticed that I can easily cope well if I don't see him in a month. I don't feel that connection anymore when I reply to his "I love U" after our conversations on the phone. I've learnt to leave without him.

 My fellow subs Please help me as my marriage is barely 5months old.

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