Monday, March 21, 2016

A Stingy guy or a smart cheat ?

I was faithful in a relationship with Mr A but his greedy attitude got me worried. I hustle (do buying and selling of clothes, jewelry and shoes). He buys and doesn't pay. Anything I ask for  his reply is that he doesn't have money. He is a government workers and he gets tips daily from work. During our relationship I meet Mr B that loves and cares for me,he reminds me that
my hair is rough and I need to change it. He encourages my business, love and shows concern to my family. Gives me what I want if he has it but he is a smart cheat. I caught him once and he begged me in the girl's presence but his neighbours tell me how he brings women home at night and live...

...early in the morning. The funny thing is that he calls me at night to tell me sweet things before I sleep, it's 1year in the relationship. Ladies would you prefer a stingy man to a cheating man?

Which should I choose. Please I need your advice.

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