Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Advice me, Am about to quit a 5 years courtship....

I have been dating this lady for more than 5 years and was even planning that we do some kind of introduction this year followed by wedding Next year.

But she attends a white garment church while I attend a pentecostal church, during the course of the courtship, I told her that I will not accept her going to the church once we get married,because i'm really not comfortable with most of their doctrines and she was like at least she will be going once in a while but I always refute it when ever she says so, that I don,t like the situation whereby I will be going to a church and my wife will be wearing white garments and going to a different church. To cut the story short, we had a discussion few weeks ago trying to solve some issues we had together recently and among what I said was that the church stops to exist around her once we get married and I got a shocking response from her that she can never leave the church for anything whatsoever and I then said we don't have any future together then and the next thing she said is okay. I still repeat it that it means we can't get married and she said that is fine by her. Since then we have not been contacting ourselves because we are not staying in the same state at present and I have been thinking that is this how a 5years courtship is going to end?

 Please what should I do?

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